1936 to 1946

The first productions were Sport 750 and 1100 runabouts, as well as an imposing 2800 which was also of Fiat origin.
In 1937, the first Stanguellini Team was set up, composed as follows: Baravelli in a Fiat 500 – Rangoni in a Fiat 508 Sport – Severi in a Maserati 1500 – Zanella in a Fiat 500.

Francesco Severi won first place in the 28th Florio Trophy with his Stanguellini-modified Maserati 1500, specially attended by head mechanic Renato Cornia. In 1938, Giulio Baravelli won the XII Mille Miglia with a 750 Stanguellini, and other important races were soon to raise the fame to an international level.

Success abroad culminated with the triumph of Baravelli’s little 750 in the Tobruk-Tripoli race, while Stanguellini cars took the lion’s share in the 1940 Mille Miglia with the first two places in the 750 and 1100 classes.