1958 to 1971

Manuel Fangio was a regular visitor who later became a true friend of the family. His suggestions and initial tests made a strong contribution to the instant success of the Stanguellini Junior 1100 cars, the single-seaters of the new international training formula.
The Modenese Juniors forayed cups and trophies, stacking up around a hundred wins – the same number as the number of cars that were built.
In 1962, ANCAI awarded Vittorio Stanguellini the World Prize for Formula Junior builders.
The world speed records were another challenge won by Vittorio.

Pietro Campanella and Angelo Poggio brought the Nibbio record vehicle with a Guzzi engine to the Modenese shop to have it perfected, and 24 international records followed. The innovative Colibri’ with a Stanguellini frame and a chassis designed by Franco Scaglione was built on the crest of the wave of success. In October 1963, this runabout with its extreme aerodynamics, which was initially designed to accommodate the powerful, new Guzzi 500 eight cylinder engine, gained six world records on the Monza high-speed track when powered by the more modest and classical Guzzi 250 single-cylinder engine.

Another baby of the same period did not have as much luck. The excellent frame of the attractive Junior Delfino rear engine single-seater built in 1962 was unable to make up for the lower power of the Italian vehicles as compared with the well-known Ford Anglia engine. Vittorio’s very last sports creation was a Formula 3, but the inequalities in the powers deployed – above all the financial ones – did not permit better results, to the great disappointment of his son Francesco who would have liked to have raced in it as he was licensed by then.

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