Formula Junior

Engine: front mounted, inclined at 9° to the car’s longitudinal axis (offset of 30 mm to the longitudinal axis since 1961); based on Fiat 1100; cast-iron block, light alloy head

Cylinders: 4

Bore and stroke: 68×75 mm

Capacity: 1089 cc

Max output: 78 bhp at 6500 rpm (70 bhp at 6200 rpm in 1958)

Lubrication: full pressure by submerged gear-type oil pump

Cooling: forced water circulation

Valve gear: pushrods

Fuel feed: 2 double-choke Weber 38 DCOE carburetors (2 Dell’Orto SS 125 B carburetors in 1958)

Ignition: coil and distributor

Clutch: single dry-plate

Gearbox: 4 forward speeds + reverse

Chassis: frame with side and cross tubular members

Front suspension: independent, lower and upper A arms, coil springs with coaxial telescopic shock absorbers, and anti-roll bar (lower A arms with upper transverse leaf spring, hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers in 1958)

Rear suspension: live axle with reaction rods, coil springs with telescopic shock absorbers (coaxial since 1960); independent, lower and upper wishbones, swinging half shafts, coil springs with coaxial telescopic shock absorbers

Brakes: drums (rear inboard drums since 1961; disc brakes since 1961)

Wheelbase: 2100 mm

Tracks: front 1220 mm; rear 1230 mm

Tire size: front 5.20-12; rear 5.20 -14

Body: single seater, built of aluminium

Dry weight: 400 kg

Production period: 1958-1961

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