Stanguellini parts workshop


Although the glory years when Stanguellini was unbeatable on the Formula Junior circuits are long gone, that passion still lives on. There could be no better way of tending its flame than to make the Scuderia Stanguellini’s technical legacy available to classic car enthusiasts from all over the world.
The Stanguellini workshop is still open for business and ready to give new life to your car!


If you’re seeking a spare part for your Stanguellini, you’ve come to the right place. The workshop still has the original casting and pressing patterns and the components you need can be made to order. Many more are already in stock in the large Stanguellini warehouse, the legacy of more than sixty years in the car construction and tuning business. For classic car lovers this is a real goldmine, also containing parts for historic cars of other marques including Fiat and Alfa Romeo.

Looking for a specific piece?


It is in this very workshop that the “motor magician” – as Vittorio Stanguellini used to be known – transformed ordinary Fiat cars into racing or GT models, reducing their weight to give them speed and acceleration on the circuit. If you want to repeat the spell, this is still where you can find the right ingredients: genuine components, experience and a passion handed down over the generations. Stanguellini Automobili can supply you with Fiat car tuning kits and individual components or provide complete installation in the workshop.

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