Stanguellini Automobili Museum
A journey back to the golden age of motorsports
Read the Stanguellini story
Stanguellini Automobili Museum
Little racing cars that became great legends on the circuit
Read the Stanguellini story
Stanguellini Automobili Museum
At the Motor Magician’s workshop, to rediscover Modena’s unique place in motorsports history
Read the Stanguellini story

Story of a great
little racing car constructor

Automobili stanguellini

During the Twentieth Century, Modena was the birthplace of legendary cars that shaped the global history of motorsports. In this industrious land, the passion for motors was rooted in the distant past and found ideal conditions to yield wonderful fruit. Modena’s most famous car constructors include the Stanguellini family, who have nurtured this passion over the generations and helped to create the unique Italian automotive tradition.

Anyone visiting Modena to trace the story of the city’s marvellous cars must pay a call at this small workshop-museum in the heart of town, where time seems to have stood still in the golden age of motorsports. A trip to the “Workshop of Miracles”, where Vittorio Stanguellini tuned his cars to achieve lightning-fast performances on the racing circuits, is essential for insight into the true spirit of our Motor Valley.

Events Location


If you want to organise an event in Modena and are looking for a unique, original location, the Stanguellini museum is the ideal place. You can entertain your guests in a striking venue surrounded by classic cars that shaped the history of motorsports. An unforgettable experience sure to delight everyone, not just motorsports enthusiasts.

Museum Visit


The Stanguellini private museum is only open to visitors on appointment. You can also book a guided tour. Visits can be arranged from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 18:30 hrs. For small groups, visits can also be arranged on Saturdays and Sundays.

Exclusive Museum Access


Want the whole Stanguellini museum for just you and your group? This is the most exciting way to immerse yourself in the history of classic racing cars: book exclusive access to the museum and enjoy its wonders surrounded only by the beauty of the models on show.

Where glorious classic
cars regain their splendour


There’s a place where classic Stanguellini cars from all over the world can be restored to their original beauty. It’s at the Stanguellini Automobili headquarters in Modena. Our historic store contains genuine parts from the 1930s to 1960s and the workshop still has the moulds for casting official spare parts.

If you’re looking for a tuning kit for classic Fiat models, Stanguellini has what you need to re-create the magic of the first Fiat-derived cars that had Italians watching with bated breath every time they took to the racetrack.