What to see in Modena and the surrounding area: itineraries for classic car lovers

The Motor Valley is a place where dreams come true, passion for cars takes concrete form, and innovation is fused with tradition.

If you’re a classic car lover, why not spend a whole weekend enjoying them in Modena and the surrounding area? As you breathe in the atmosphere of the Motor Valley, you can step into the past and take a look at the present of some of the names that have gone down in the history of the automobile.

It goes without saying that any tour of the area simply has to start at the Stanguellini Museum, but we’d also like to recommend visits to see some of the other ground-breaking players that revolutionized an entire industry, just like us.

Four unmissable places to visit in the Motor Valley

At the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, a blend of art and technology helps to offer automobile aficionados a unique experience. The vast, stunning collection of legendary cars includes some of the most famous and iconic vehicles in the world. In addition, the museum tells the story of the life and work of the legendary founder of Ferrari, so a look around the all-embracing exhibition is an engaging experience for visitors of all kinds and not just motoring enthusiasts.

The Panini Maserati Museum is a place that can really fan the flames of passion for classic cars. Its breathtaking collection contains some of the rarest and most invaluable vehicles in the world, which have been carefully, devotedly restored by a team of expert artisans. The museum combines motoring history with Italian culture and traditions, in an unparalleled experience. Embark on an incomparable, beguiling journey through the spellbinding stories of some of the most iconic cars ever made!

Visit the home of one of the most famous and prestigious car manufacturers in the world on a Maserati Factory Tour. In the home town of company founder Alfieri Maserati, see just how much dedication and devotion is shown by every single member of technical and production staff in a plant where craftsmanship and innovation come together in genuine works of art on four wheels, in a peerless display of perfection that’s bound to get your pulse racing.

Pagani Automobili in Modena is a magical place where art and technology are melded to create some of the most exclusive high-performance cars in the world. Horacio Pagani and his expert team of artisans and engineers create masterpieces with motors, using innovative materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Seize the opportunity to take a close look at the production processes for the matchless vehicles, not to mention some of the company’s most famous models. Pagani’s zeal and pursuit of perfection reach unprecedented levels.

Once you’ve seen all the spectacular sights, you can hop into your classic car, drive into the Emilian hills, eat some local delicacies and choose your next stop in Modena and the surrounding area!