From the origins until 1935

Modena has always been a place that has generated boys who are fascinated by engines, cars and racing cars. Its people have this passion in their blood and they are unable to give it up, just as they are unable to give up a tasty dish of tortellini or stuffed pig’s trotter and beans!
Stanguellini is certainly the oldest Modenese name to be active in the car field since 1900, but before that in 1879 Celso Stanguellini founded a company for the production of orchestral kettledrums with mechanical tuning, which he himself patented.

So are engines a disease that runs in this family? Yes, they certainly are, given that Celso’s son Francesco raced with motorised three-wheelers at the very beginning of the twentieth century, and then became the first representative of Modena with a Ceirano and a Fiat Scat.
In 1925, the newly established Stanguellini racing stable gained fame by racing and winning with Modena-produced Mignon motorcycles.

Sporty, dynamic Francesco died prematurely in 1932.
Vittorio, his only son, found himself with responsibility for the company when he was only 19 years of age.
However, this young man blessed with extraordinary insight regarding engines, quickly developed both the business and the theme of car formulation, which was to become a veritable ongoing activity as of 1935.